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"'Vocation' comes from the Latin 'vox,' or voice, meant to imply a calling from God."

— Chris Onstad, Achewood

I've been told this page is a little long, so here — let me mitigate the perceived chore of decoding language with pictures of dogs in costumes. Or, if you prefer, Katy Perry's rack.

Our illustrious founder.


Hipster Party Planning Dot Biz is me, I guess. Nate Walsh. I'm a copywriter by trade — you may have seen this craigslist ad I did that very briefly made me INTERNET FAMOUS (i.e., the best kind of famous). Apparently, though, I decided that that whole gig was somehow not cushy enough, so I went ahead and started this thing instead.

Wahhh! Wahhh!

I don't WANNA write
banner ads and drink
at the office. I wanna


Back in 2008, I began throwing an annual 4th of July party that grew more insane with each passing year. In-home strippers, exploding blow-up dolls, Nicolas Cage street theater, amateur beauty pageants judged by terrible Austin Powers impersonators — these parties had everything, and the 4th quickly became my favorite time of the year. But it wasn't enough.

(OK, the strippers weren't actually my idea, but the incredibly bizarre playlist I made for them was — you haven't lived until you've seen your terrified Jewish friend get a lapdance to the "Home Improvement" theme song.)

It was like this, pretty much.

Even though I do creative work for a living, for whatever reason, nothing fills me with the same sort of manic energy that putting a party together does. I dreamt of doing it for a living, but I figured, "Let's be realistic. Who the hell would ever want to pay me for the type of parties I throw, all weird and intense and kind of aMaTeuRiSh?" And that's when my friend Julie was like...

Scholars believe the Magna Carta began pretty much the exact same way.

Not sure where mer-Avril came from, and Cat's actual neck ruffle
is way nicer, but yes, this is pretty much how I remember things going down that day. (P.S. Sorry, Art. Sorry. Sorry.)

Yes, HIPSTERS. Often maligned, but incredibly enamored with the quirky, the obscure, the ironic, the overdone. And, just as important, not too enamored with holding onto their disposable income. In short, the perfect target for my unique brand of jackassery! Here's a chart I made:

I know which of these groups I'd rather party with.
(Kim Kardashian's rack is a distant second.)

HIPSTER PARTY PLANNING DOT BIZ was born. And ever since, I've really tried making a go with the thing. Now, instead of my one yearly party, I throw parties all the time, every chance I get, to help hone my skills. And, every time I do, I hear nothing but good things:

Well, OK, I consider those to be good things. But the point is, I'm finally ready to pass my weird brain magic onto you.





See, I'm the 3rd generation of a notorious line of manic, overachieving, anal-retentive, PERFECTIONISTIC arts and crafts monsters.* (Hi, Mom! Hi, Grandma!)


  Adobe, take note: My grandma invented Photoshop about 3 decades before you. If she didn't like her hair in a photo, she'd adjust it with Wite-Out and ballpoint pen. If a family member wasn't in a group photo, she'd literally cut and paste them into the shot using another picture (like I did here with Mr. Philip Collins).

My grandma is the fucking JAM, is my point.

Whenever any of us dig in on a project, we kind of lose it. We get crazy, we get controlling, we get obsessive. I know those sound like bad things, but then you see what we came up with using that madness, and you start to understand why it was all worth it.

I honestly believe that any one of the three of us, given enough hot glue and glitter, could achieve world peace.

* Plus I'm a Virgo, so I've got that added pile of crazy on top.


I have a lot of Thoughts about parties, and what makes for a good one, and you can read those here.

But, let me just close by saying that, this is what I love most and what I'm best at, and if you use my dumb ragtag little service, I am 100% certain I am going to blow your mind.


Because I can't not do it.

I literally have some sort of sickness.

Use it to your advantage.

The Heated Gluer.
The Man-Blower.
The Consummate Host.

The Catalyst.
The Destroyer of Worlds.

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